Humans vs AI: Robot Soccer and Gran Turismo

APRIL 19, 2024

Dr. Peter Stone

What is the talk about?

Advancements in AI have unleashed astonishing capabilities, but it is not magic. Peter Stone reveals his insights into cutting-edge AI and robotics and explores how they may reshape our world. Someday these technologies could win the World Cup, and they are already outperforming the best humans at complex tasks like high-speed racing. Registration open now. Check out the Cool Activity list here.

About our presenter

Dr. Peter Stone

Dr. Peter Stone

Peter Stone serves as the Executive Director of Sony AI America, and as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the Director of Texas Robotics, and a founding member of Good Systems, a UT Grand Challenge focusing on ethical and responsible AI. Leading the Learning Agents Research Group within the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, he researches AI, robotics, and machine learning. His work is inspired by real-world challenges with applications including robot soccer, autonomous bidding agents, autonomous vehicles, and Human-Agent Interaction.

Schedule & Location

April 19, 2024
5:30-6:40 PMCool ActivitiesHallway, Burdine Hall (BUR), UT Campus
7:00-8:15 PMTalk106, Burdine Hall (BUR), UT Campus

Parking & Directions

Burdine Hall (BUR), UT Campus
Burdine Hall (BUR) is located on 2505 University Avenue. Attendees should park at the Speedway Garage (105 E. 27th Street), at the discounted rate of $6 at until midnight Thursday, April 18th! Please read the detailed information here for parking options including buying discounted parking passes.  From parking garage to event venue: Exit the garage on Wichita St, crossing Dean Keeton St, and entering the Burdine Courtyard through the archway next to the Biomedical Engineering Building. 


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