CRESSLE Postdoctoral Fellows

Cressle David Bahamon Pinzon

David Bahamon-Pinzon

David received his Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering at Clemson University His research focuses on promoting sustainability and environmental justice by working with underserved communities. David has experience in water quality assessment, sensor development, and community engagement. He has worked with different stakeholders in complex socio-economic contexts. For Project CRESSLE, David expects to work with Austin community members to address water issues associated with social disparities.

Cressle Helen Siegel

Helen Siegel

Helen received her Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the Yale School of the Environment, where she worked together with rural communities in northern Appalachia to understand water quality in regions of historic and modern fossil fuel extraction. Her research focuses on the interaction between water quality and public health through the lens of environmental justice and community resilience. Helen has experience with water quality analyses, climate modeling, and working with varied stakeholders. As part of Project CRESSLE, Helen hopes to work with Austin community members to identify key agents of contamination impacting Austin communities and develop new tools to empower community members.