ESI for Students

Education is the key to understanding the complex, interdisciplinary nature of environmental challenges, and ESI is uniquely positioned to help foster that education. Marshaling the institutional strengths of UT Austin, ESI has taken the lead in environmental science education on campus, with new courses, degree and certification plans, and research opportunities that will help develop the minds that will explore and address this century’s environmental challenges.

For undergraduate students, ESI offers both a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Degree Program with focus areas in Biology, Geology, and Geography.

ESI also features some of UT Austin’s exceptional courses in environmental science, and is integral to Sustaining a Planet – UT’s first signature course.

If you are interested in pursuing the study of environmental science at UT, please feel free to contact the staff of ESI with any questions. Check out this web portal for other sustainability and environment degree programs at UT.