Teacher Opportunities

ESI hosts a number of opportunities for K-12 teachers to bring current science into their classroom to inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals. To learn more about any of these programs, please follow the links below or email our STEM Community Outreach Coordinator at Angelina.DeRose@jsg.utexas.edu!

  • Hot Science – Cool Talks: These events provide a front row seat to world-class research. Participants explore the evening’s topic through hands-on activities and demonstrations everyone can enjoy through Cool Activities prior to each talk. Additional resources for educators are available through the Talk Archives including presenter slides and TEKS-aligned lesson plans. If you’re interested in bringing your K-12 students to an event, please contact us!
  • Scientist in Residence Program: STEM Graduate students work with teachers in local school districts. Graduate students serve as role models to K-12 students while sharing their research and STEM experiences. Teachers benefit from the program by having a content expert in their classroom who can help develop engaging science lesson plans as well as provide a personal connection to UT Austin. Contact us if you’re interested in having a graduate student work with you in your classroom!