Scientist in Residence Program

The Scientist in Residence program ran from 2003-2020. For similar current opportunities for graduate student training, please visit Project CRESSLE.

Scientist in Residence (SciRes) is an innovative program that engages students and community members in the greater Austin area in STEM. Key to this engagement is the role of STEM graduate students – aka SciRes Fellows – who share their experiences and excitement of scientific discovery and serve as role models. SciRes uniquely addresses the pressing societal need for STEM engagement and workforce development.

SciRes Program Highlights

  • SciRes encourages learners to consider STEM careers
    Students become more confident in their own scientific abilities, and see themselves in a STEM career, through the continuity of interactions with SciRes Fellows.
  • Engaging STEM role models
    SciRes Fellows are trained to effectively communicate their scientific research to a variety of audiences. Fellows serve as role models, sharing research experiences, career paths, and educational choices.
How does SciRes support teachers? Learn about the SciRes Teacher experience!

The SciRes program is currently on hiatus. If you are interested in supporting the program, please email Dr. Jay Banner, ESI Director,  at