Planet Texas 2050: A More Resilient Texas

Texas’ population today is nearly 28 million. By 2050, that number is predicted to double to 55 million, with most people clustered in already dense urban centers like Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Limited resources will be in even greater demand. Planet Texas 2050 is an eight-year sprint to find solutions that will make our communities more resilient and better prepared. To do that, we’re bringing together architects, archaeologists, city planners, public health experts, geologists, engineers, computer scientists, artists — and more. These Planet Texas 2050 resources provide educators with curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students to learn about the challenges our state faces and the kinds of new discoveries and ideas that can help us be prepared.

Below you will find attachments to activities that span 5th to 12th grade curriculum and that align with the TEKS. All of the activities are organized around the four Planet Texas 2050 Pillars (Water, Energy, Urbanization, and Ecosystem Services). Each activity is designed for flexible adjustments to fit your curriculum, most of which can be implemented into your classroom with pre-existing materials. The detailed lesson plans are FREE to the public and include links to low cost materials where applicable. We hope you find the activities useful in driving classroom discussions around the various climate and human related drivers that pose risks to our critical resources.