K-12 Educator Resources

Through its outreach programs and interdisciplinary partnerships, ESI develops a wide variety of educator resources on environmental science topics:

ESI Developed Resources

Jackson School of Geosciences Resources

  • Water Exploration:Web-based education program that uses a project-based learning approach with learning activities and resources packaged into three modules, or Legacy Cycles, in a way that makes use of the Internet and computer technology to promote inquiry learning. This program was developed by the UT Institute for Geophysics, Texas teachers, and the Texas Water Development Board.
  • TXESS Revolution: Collection of teaching activities, many of which were developed by Scientist in Residence program fellows and tested by teachers in Texas to provide high quality professional development and resources to minority and minority-serving science teachers.
  • EarthLabs: Activities in each EarthLabs module represent a sequence for an integrated instructional unit. Each unit supplies a variety of lab experiences that can be integrated with learning from lectures, demonstrations, and readings.
  • GO3 Foundation Global Ozone Project: Information covering ground-level ozone, the “ozone hole”, greenhouse gases and climate change, and black carbon.
  • The Switch Energy Project builds energy awareness and promotes efficiency. The project includes a feature length documentary, the world’s only video library dedicated to energy and a K-12 video and companion curriculum program co-developed by NEED.org.