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Hot Science - Cool Talks

The Hot Science - Cool Talks Outreach Series brings leading scientists and their research to you! 

They are much more than just lectures, featuring engaging activities for multiple age groups and professional development opportunities for teachers.  Learn more...

September 12, 2014    


How I Learned to Love Chemistry (Or Watch Dr. Laude Blow Stuff Up), with Dr. David Laude


Chemistry is easy. Dr. Laude is tired of everyone taking three steps back every time he tells them that he is a chemist. He will demonstrate how a few simple, recurring ideas in chemistry can help you understand concepts like climate change, how batteries work, and how food is made. He will also create explosions and cap your evening by making liquid nitrogen ice cream for everyone.

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October 6, 2014 - SXSW Eco   




Extreme Weather and Uncertainty in Forecasting, with Dr. Kevin Kloesel


ESI is teaming up with SXSW Eco for this special edition of Hot Science - Cool Talks.

Every day in the news it seems like there are more and more stories about record-breaking weather. Kevin Kloesel is a Texas Ex and Director of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, working right in the heart of Tornado Alley. He will talk about the science behind extreme weather events such as tornados and super storms, and how meteorologists deal with uncertainty in their forecasts. His talk will include demonstrations of extreme weather phenomena, and comparisons between shooting three-point baskets and climate change. 

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November 21, 2014    


Drones: Myths, Facts, Hacks, and The Future, with Dr. Todd Humphreys

humphreys_thumbDrones have been all over the media as well as our imaginations. What's real and what's possible for these remarkable flying machines? Tood Humphreys will consider the ways drones can be used in the future versus what is portrayed in the movies. He will also show us how his team was the first to sucessfully demonstrate that drones could be commandeered by GPS hacking.

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