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Hot Science - Cool Talks

The Hot Science - Cool Talks Outreach Series brings leading scientists and their research to you! 

They are much more than just lectures, featuring engaging activities for multiple age groups and satellite-based professional development opportunities for teachers.  Learn more...

January 24, 2014    


Extreme Weather and Uncertainty in Forecasting, with Dr. Kevin Kloesel

kloesel_thumb(To be rescheduled for Fall 2014)

Communities around the world continue to experience the awesomeness and devastation of extreme weather as the Earth’s climate continues to change. Dr. Kevin Kloesel will talk about the science behind extreme weather events such as tornadoes and super storms, and how meteorologists work with variability in weather forecasts. The lecture will include highly engaging audience participation activities.

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March 1, 2014 - Explore UT   


Space Exploration: From Science Fiction to the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory, with Dr. Glenn Lightsey


ESI is teaming up with Explore UT for this special edition of Hot Science - Cool Talks.

Space travel and exploration are popular settings for works of science fiction and can be a source of inspiration for space technology. What scientists and engineers can actually do with space technology is different from what is presented in fiction, though the discoveries are no less fascinating. 

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April 4, 2014    



Primate Social Behavior, with Dr. Anthony DiFiore

difiore_thumbHumans have long been fascinated with their evolutionary cousins in the primate world, monkeys. Dr. Anthony Di Fiore studies several species of monkeys in Amazonian Ecuador, and how the ecology of the area shapes their behavior and the societies in which they live. There are several different ways of studying primates, and these differ depending on species and ecological habitat.

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