Investigating Our Cosmic Origins

FEBRUARY 15, 2019

Dr. Caitlin Casey

Assistant Professor, Astronomy
University of Texas

What is the talk about?

The cosmos is too vast for us to comprehend - from the backyard of our solar system, which spans hundreds of millions of miles, to the Milky Way galaxy, and beyond to the cavernous voids of deep space. Dr. Casey will share some of the remarkable recent strides in studying distant realms of the Universe, what implications this has for our cosmic origins, and what challenges lie ahead in solving its most elusive mysteries as well as the quest for life in the cosmos.

About our presenter

Dr. Caitlin Casey

Dr. Caitlin Casey

Caitlin Casey is an astrophysicist at the University of Texas, where she studies the origins of the Universe’s most massive galaxies and the prevalence of dust and gas in the cosmos.  She specializes in observations of the Universe and has operated telescopes on four different continents as well as in space.  Dr. Casey has received numerous awards including the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize for outstanding achievement in observational astronomy before the age of 36 from the American Astronomical Society.