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Sample Four Year Plans:

EVS Capstone Project:

  • Use this example contract to understand the requirements of your project and what you will be responsible for: Capstone Research Contract
    • Do not use this PDF contract to get signatures and submit to the EVS Coordinator, use the links below for that. This contract is so you understand what you will be signing up for and what information/signatures you need.
  • When you have secured a commitment from a Mentor to supervise your project, and have outlined the project with them, use the following links to fill out your contract.
  • Use the link that corresponds to your track:
  • You will also need to attach the Capstone Research Proposal to your contract. This is required as part of your contract and the proposal can be found here: Capstone Research Proposal Outline
  • Upon completion of your EVS 371 report, please email to the EVS Program Coordinator

Petitions and Overrides:

Internal Transfer and Track Declaration: