Texas’ Own Coral Reefs: Weathering the Storm

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Dr. Adrienne Correa

Assistant Professor,
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Rice University

What is the talk about?

Hurricane Harvey dumped thirteen trillion gallons of rain on southeast Texas in August of 2017. Do extreme storm events like Harvey impact the coral reefs off Texas’ coast, in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary? Dr. Correa shares ongoing research connecting the Gulf Coast, extreme weather, and reef ecosystems. Supported by the Leon Jones Hot Science - Cool Talks Endowment.

About our presenter

Dr. Adrienne Correa

Dr. Adrienne Correa

Adrienne Correa is on the faculty in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice University. She first learned to scuba dive in graduate school, while collecting invasive ants in the Hawaiian Islands. Adrienne's research turned to the ocean shortly thereafter, and today she explores the role of microbes in the health of coral reefs that are experiencing rapid environmental change. She serves on the Advisory Council for the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, home to Texas’s own coral reefs. Her research and teaching take her to coral reefs around the world, including the Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Belize, Panama, and the South Pacific.