Last Call at the Oasis: Will There Be Enough Water for the 21st Century?

OCTOBER 26, 2012

Dr. Jay Famiglietti

Professor of Earth System Science
University of California - Irvine

What is the talk about?

Without water, life cannot exist.  Yet, our most precious resource faces major threats which are pushing it to the brink of depletion in many regions. How might climate change and population growth affect the way your water is replenished? Jay Famiglietti explores this question for both Texas and California using innovative satellite technology.

About our presenter

Dr. Jay Famiglietti

Dr. Jay Famiglietti

Dr. Jay Famiglietti has a passion for, and commitment to, preserving Earth’s environment for future generations. As Director of the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling at the University of California – Irvine, Dr. Famiglietti focuses on modeling and remote sensing of the terrestrial and global water cycles. His Hydrology & Climate Research Group is taking a lead role in accelerating the  development of next-generation hydrological models for use in  addressing a number of high priority issues. Dr. Famiglietti’s work has implications for how we understand the Earth’s water cycle, its interactions in the land-ocean-atmosphere-ice system, and for monitoring changes in freshwater availability in the face of global environmental change.  He was a featured scientist in a film entitled Last Call at the Oasis, which was produced by the same company that brought us An Inconvenient Truth.