Will we live on Mars?

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

Dr. Joe Levy

Colgate University

What is the talk about?

Is Mars the next step in human exploration of the solar system? What would it take to live and work on the red planet, and what will future explorers need to know in order to survive Martian extremes? Join Joe Levy as he talks about the unique aspects of living on Mars.

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About our presenter

Dr. Joe Levy

Dr. Joe Levy

Joe Levy is a polar and planetary scientist and an assistant professor of geology at Colgate University. He has spent a dozen field seasons in remote field camps in Antarctica since 2004. His research focuses on understanding how rock, water, ice, and life interact in cold deserts across the solar system, and how changing climate conditions are recorded in icy landscapes. His research at the intersection of exploration, climate change, and space resources has been featured by Wired Magazine, the National Geographic Channel, and the New York Times.