Tarsiers – Tiny Terrors of the Tropics!

NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Dr. Chris Kirk

University of Texas at Austin

What is the talk about?

Have you ever wondered what an insect’s worst nightmare is? Dive into the wonderful weirdness of tarsiers with Dr. Chris Kirk in “Tarsiers – Tiny Terrors of the Tropics!”. These primates have freaky adaptations, but in many ways, they are also just like us!


About our presenter

Dr. Chris Kirk

Dr. Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk is a native Austinite and third-generation Longhorn (B.A. in Anthropology, class of 1992). He completed his Ph.D. at Duke University, where he spent many hours in the company of lemurs and lorises at the Duke Lemur Center. Dr. Kirk has participated in paleontological research in Egypt, Botswana, Turkey, and various sites across the U.S. Since 2005 he has made regular trips to collect Eocene fossils in the Big Bend region of Texas. Dr. Kirk’s research focuses on primate evolution - he is particularly interested in using the relationship between form and function to better understand the adaptations and ecology of fossil species