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Sustainability on the UT Campus: Fusing Research & Practice

September 10, 2010

Co-sponsors of the symposium, including ESI, brought together representatives from across UT, including representatives from facilities, research, and administration, to help members of the UT community get up to speed on innovations taking place in sustainability across the UT campus….

After Copenhagen: Collaborative Responses to Climate Change

April 6, 2010

Conference co-sponsors, including ESI, worked together to initiate a biennial international conference of climate scientists, climate policy scholars and political leaders with the goal of identifying and evaluating public policy options for effective and timely action on climate related threats…


Climate Change Studies at UT-Austin

February 2, 2010

Designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and research at The University of Texas at Austin , the symposium brought together over 150 faculty, guests and graduates students to discuss active research at UT on topics including: climate modeling, impacts on ecological…