Hot Science

Hot Science – Cool Talks (HSCT) is a long-running science engagement program originated and overseen by UT’s Environment Science Institute. Directed by Dr. Jay Banner since 1999, HSCT has become a nationally-recognized speaker series enabling leading researchers from UT Austin and other prominent universities to share their passion for science, technology, engineering and math with the community. HSCT events combine immersive educational experiences with keynote public lectures offered three times each semester. These lectures regularly draw 400-1,000 attendees who represent all ages and backgrounds.

We propose to leverage the success of HSCT by developing an accessible and compelling documentary series called, simply, Hot Science. Our goal is to produce an episodic series of science content created with high production values featuring HSCT speakers and the excitement of their scientific discoveries. The aim of the series is to build on the high quality and engaging science content of the in-person HSCT experience and extend its reach to a wide online audience.

Here are three examples of such short videos that are created based on recent Hot Science – Cool Talk events: