EVS Scholar Awards

An NSF Scholarship Program for Environmental Science Students


The National Science Foundation’s S-STEM Program funded the EVS Scholars program at The University of Texas at Austin, which served to recruit and support academically talented students with a demonstrated financial need in its innovative, interdisciplinary degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from from 2012-2017. EVS Scholars are nurtured throughout their academic career with additional academic support and mentoring, as well as individualized advising and professional preparation.  This innovative system helped the program meet its goal of attracting, retaining, and educating Scholars from diverse backgrounds during its initial years of development, and preparing professionals for the emerging field of environmental science.

The current grant expires in 2017; additional information about future NSF scholarship funds for EVS students will be available on this page when available.


Current EVS Scholars

Isaac Chandler (2016-17)

Benroy Chan (2016-17)

Ji Eun Jung (2016-17)

Mariana Velazquez (2016-17)

Past Scholars

Kara Posso (2016-17)

Jen Chi (2015-2017)

Justin Pulliam (2015-17)

Drew Gartman (2016-17)

Daniel Weiser (2015-16)

Luke Whooley (2015-16)

Sahonara Gonzalez (2013-16)

Julie Gonzalez (2012-16)

Paige Lambert (2012-16)

Karen Perez (2012-16)

Scarlette Hsia (2015-16)

Collin Roland (2015-16)

Kate Litchen (2015-16)

James Weaver (2015)

Mauricio Flores (2015-2016)

Shelly Bergel (2012-14)

Sarah Cunningham (2012-14)

Heidi Harper (2012-14)

Mark Moore (2012-14)

Ryan Soutter (2012-14)

Barbara Wortham (2012-14)

Kathy Cao (2012-13)

Joshua Kendall (2012-13)

Raquel Lemire-Da Silva (2012-13)

Aimi Tanada (2012-13)

Please contact the EVS Program Office at evs@esi.utexas.edu with any questions about EVS Scholar Awards.