EVS Poster Session 2013


An award will be made to the poster judged “best in show” and this ¬†year’s topics will include:

  • Quantifying Fungal Aerosolization during a Showering Event
  • Air pollution tolerance in Ligustrum japonicum (invasive) and Ilex vomitoria (native)
  • The effectiveness of energy consumption feedback in university residence halls as it relates to behavior change and reduced usage
  • An Assessment of Recent Trends in the Prevalence of Plastic Items on Two Texas Gulf Barrier Islands
  • Soil Nutrients Response to Changes in Precipitation
  • The Effects of White-tailed Deer Browsing on Central Texas Nandina domestica Populations
  • Alcohol and Methylation Interactions Generates Variable Craniofacial Defects in Zebrafish
  • Ectopic expression of pea and Arabidopsis apyrase enzymes in cotton
  • A scenario of high greenhouse gas emissions in 2050: Reducing emissions without new federal regulation

We look forward to seeing you there!