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Program Requirements

Students in the IWSGPP must complete the following substantive requirements:


1. Science/Engineering Requirement: Two courses with a minimum of 50% content regarding watershed science or watershed engineering;

2. Policy/Planning Requirement: Two courses with a minimum of 50% content regarding watershed policy or watershed planning;

3. Field Experience: Participation in a field experience either as part of an organized course (in which the field experience is at least 25% of the course grade) or an experience not for course credit.

4. Research Paper:  The paper may be part of an organized course, a report developed from field experience, a thesis or dissertation chapter, or paper of similar length and intent, and must integrate watershed issues from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

5. Research Presentation:  Portfolio students must present their research at least once at an event. Ideally this is an event sponsored by the IWSGPP, but a regional, national, or international research conference is also acceptable.  


Individual courses may satisfy more than one of the above requirements.  For example, a course may simultaneously partially satisfy both requirements (1) and (2), above.  In all circumstances, students must complete at least twelve hours of coursework appropriate for the Portfolio.  Three of the course credits required for the program may be fulfilled through independent study.


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