Integrated Watersheds Working Group

Watersheds are spatially organized, scale-dependent landscape units, and therefore represent ideal frameworks for the integrated study of hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, and the various ways in which humans have altered watershed processes. The Integrated Watershed Sciences Working Group serves to facilitate and coordinate collaborative multidisciplinary research projects among researchers at UT, other academic institutions, and government agencies. Faculty and students incorporate field, laboratory, and geographic information science approaches for monitoring and modeling a diverse array of watershed processes.

The Watershed Working Group is the primary force behind ESI’s Integrated Watershed Initiative and Graduate Portfolio Program in Integrated Watershed Studies

Watershed Working Group Members

  • Jay L. Banner, Director, Environmental Science Institute
  • Christine Hawkes, Section of Integrative Biology
  • David Maidment, Center for Research of Water Resources
  • Bridget Scanlon, Bureau of Economic Geology
  • Ed Theriot, Section of Integrative Biology
  • Clark Wilson, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Liang Yang, Department of Geological Sciences
  • David Johns, Watershed Protection Division, City of Austin
  • Richard Kiesling, Research Fellow, USGS
  • Marcy Litvak, University of New Mexico
  • Robert Mace, Texas Water Development Board
  • Barbara Mahler, Water Resources Division, USGS
  • Geary Schindel, Edwards Aquifer Authority
  • Brad Wilcox, Texas A&M University
  • Chock Woodruff, Woodruff Consulting