Urbanization Working Group

The goal of the Urbanization Working Group is to study environmental effects of urbanization and find paths to solutions. The Urbanization Working Group connects state, national, academic, and private interests and seeks to facilitate multidisciplinary research.  Group members study wildlife conservation, sustainable development, growth management, public policy dispute resolution, community planning, and woodlands management. This group is a response to the growing concern about future difficulties with resource availability.

To join the Urbanization Working Group, or to get in touch with a working group member, contact ESI at esi@esi.utexas.edu.

Urbanization Working Group Members

  • Jay Banner, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Ken Young, Department of Geography & the Environment
  • Robin Doughty, Department of Geography & the Environment
  • Norma Fowler, Section of Integrative Biology
  • Randy Linder, Section of Integrative Biology
  • Steven Moore, Community & Regional Planning
  • Robert Paterson, Community & Regional Planning
  • Jack Sharp, Department of Geological Sciences