Microbial Ecology Working Group

The Microbial Ecology Working Group facilitates interactions between ESI participants whose research is involved directly or indirectly with the microbial biosphere, the biosphere on which all more complex life forms depend. Present research interests of participants include geomicrobiology of aquifers and cave systems, nanobiology, soil food web biology, waste management systems, marine biology, UV damage in microbial populations, bioremediation and general microbial ecology.

To join the Microbial Ecology Working Group, or to get in touch with a working group member, contact ESI at esi@esi.utexas.edu.

Microbial Ecology Working Group Members

  • Don Blankenship, Institute for Geophysics
  • Ed Buskey, Marine Science Institute
  • Wayne Gardner, Marine Science Institute
  • Kerry Kinney, Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
  • Craig R. Linder, Section of Integrative Biology
  • Ulrich Mueller, Section of Integrative Biology