Grant Collaboration & Assistance

  • Project Coordination:  ESI can coordinate conference calls, in-person meetings or video conferencing with your colleagues for the purposes of brainstorming, proposal preparation or information sharing.
  • Support for Broader Impacts:  ESI’s mission includes a substantial outreach component through our web-presence, generation of K-12 content, and the Hot Science Cool Talks lecture series. We interact directly with K-12 educators and can help you incorporate initiatives such as these into your grant proposal for a powerful broader impacts statement.
  • Team Building:  ESI has successfully worked with PIs in Natural Sciences, Geosciences, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Architecture, and the LBJ School, and can help you connect with researchers across disciplines to address large problems from a variety of perspectives.
  • Editing, Formatting and Logistics:  ESI’s staff and affiliated faculty includes trained scientists with broad scientific backgrounds and significant experience writing successful grant proposals. We can help edit your proposal to ensure comprehension and flow and accuracy of works cited. ESI can help merge large documents from multiple contributors into a cohesive, properly formatted document for any funding agency. ESI works with OSP on a regular basis and can help move your proposal through the system and ultimately to your selected sponsor.
  • Budget Formulation and Proofreading:  ESI can compile budget information provided by PIs and create an appropriately formatted budget, including justification.
  • Indirect Costs: Note that all indirect costs remain with your department or research unit.

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