SciRes Associate (Volunteer) Application Page

The Scientist in Residence Associates is a project run by UT-Austin’s Environmental Science Institute, which expands the reach of the Scientist in Residence Program to additional UT science graduate students and K-12 teachers.

Scientist in Residence Associates Goals

1) provide graduate students with an opportunity to share their science with the K-12 community, while gaining outreach experience and improving their presentation skills, and

2) provide teachers with expert scientists who will give a grade-level appropriate presentation related to their research and field of expertise.

We will provide the network to connect graduate students with K-12 teachers. Graduate students will be invited to a teaching seminar, be asked to practice and record their presentations, and will receive constructive feedback on their presentation skills. Graduate student presentations will be approved by program staff before they are delivered to K-12 students. There is no monetary compensation for graduate students or teachers involved with Scientist in Residence Associates.


Scientist in Residence Associates are scientists who share their research and science knowledge with the community. They will accomplish this in a number of ways:

  • serving as guest scientists in K-12 classrooms, sharing their research and linking this into the current topics of study in the classrooms they visit
  • providing an interactive educational outreach activity at/attending Hot Science – Cool Talks public outreach lecture events
  • assisting Scientist in Residence Program Fellows with activities where they need an extra hand
  • participating in other educational events when available (serving as a science fair judge, volunteering to share science at university and Austin community events)

Participation Level

All Associates should participate in a minimum of 1-2 activities a month (including at least one K-12 classroom visit) to remain in active status.

Application Instructions

Please fill out the Associates application here. Email the application to Natally Mendez, K-12 STEM Coordinator, at