Viewing Parties

Dr. Alan Stern’s “The Amazing Mission to Pluto”

Hot Science – Cool Talks are streamed live through Facebook LIVE so everyone can be part of the excitement of this nationally-recognized speaker series! Through the interactive Q & A, online viewers can submit questions to the presenter. To stream one of our talks we highly recommend a high-speed, reliable internet connection. We do not recommend using Wi-Fi to watch our live events. Just select the “View Webcast” button from the event’s page to view or join us through Facebook LIVE the night of the talk.

Hot Science – Cool Talks can also help organizations organize viewing events so schools, afterschool programs, community groups, community colleges, universities and professional organizations outside of Austin can watch renowned science, technology, engineering and math professionals present their research.

Hot Science – Cool Talks provides the following support for viewing events:

  1. Ideas for pre-talk, hands-on activities relevant to the topic.
  2. Real-time Q & A via live webcast between your group and the event speaker.
  3. Publicity support, such as promotional graphics to help you publicize your event.

If you are interested in hosting your a viewing event for an upcoming Hot Science – Cool Talks, please contact us at for more information!