Parking Options

Discounted Garage Parking

Discounted parking for the February and April talks sold for the 27th Street Garage (109 W. 27th Street) and for the May talk at the Manor Garage (2017 Robert Dedman Dr.). The link to buy the discounted parking will be posted a week before the event. It takes 5 -10 minutes to walk from the garage to the talk location. Discounted parking will now include taxes and fees, the total cost is approximately $5 – $6 ($4 + taxes and fees). Discounted parking passes must be bought online before 10 p.m. on Thursday (the day before the event) and is non-refundable. To buy the discounted parking pass:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select “Hot Science – Cool Talks” as the venue.
  3. Select the talk date and buy the parking permit.
Scanner near garage entrance for discounted parking passes.

You will receive a barcode or QR code. We recommend you print the pass and bring it with you.

To use your discounted parking pass, look for the blue scanner near the garage entrance.

  • Enter the lane slowly and stop when the control column screen goes from blank to having “Access only” displayed.
  • When this is displayed, insert your print out so the QR  code or barcode is in the rectangle on the “Scan Barcode Here” sticker.
  • The screen will change to “Waiting” and then to “Proceed” and the gate will go up.

Press the intercom button if you need assistance in entering the garage.

Special Event & Hourly Rates
If you did not buy the discounted parking pass by the deadline, you will pay regular hourly garage fees ranging from $6 – $12 depending on how long you park. To see a list of garages and fees, visit Most visitor garages are a 10-15 minute walk to the talk location. When you enter the garage, pull a ticket from the grey machines and pay when you exit.

City of Austin Metered Parking
Metered parking is located along Dean Keeton Street between Red River and San Jacinto Blvd. Please read the signs carefully for parking rates and times.