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Scientist in Residence Lesson Plans

While participating in the Scientist in Residence Program, Fellows develop numerous inquiry-based lesson plans and field activities that are TEKS aligned and supplemented with scientific data, published teaching materials, and various online resources. Many of these lesson plans were created by Fellows using a “5E” format, and all were reviewed by professors from UT's department of education prior to publication here. The majority of these lesson plans feature water resources, which was the principle focus of ESI's Scientist in Residence program when it was originally funded by the National Science Foundation.



Lessons for Elementary School Students (Grades 3-5)

- Building a model of an aquifer

- How did birds get their beaks?

- Water Resources: Scratching the water's surface

- Using our water resources wisely

- Texas settlements and water supply

- Representing your watershed through modeling

- Electrical Properties 

- Social Media 

- Hitting the BIG TIME with Climate Science 


Lessons for Middle School Students (Grades 6-8)

- The ozone layer, CFC's and global warming

- Solubility and chemical changes in groundwater

- Water on and below the surface

- Examining your own water usage

- Water resource planning for the future

- What exactly is a watershed?

- Thin Layer Chromatography

Lessons for High School Students (Grades 9-12)

- Will we ever run out of water in Texas?

- Microbial contaminants in drinking water

- Water: On the surface and in the ground

- Water resources along Texas coastal basins

- Managing Texas water resources for the year 2050

- What constitutes a healthy watershed? 

- Non-renewable energy

- Plate Tectonics


Field Trip Guidebooks

- Edwards Aquifer Hydrogeology

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